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How do I contact the Retirement System Administrative Office?
The Retirement System Administrative Office is located at City Hall- 1300 White Street, Key West Florida 33040. The main number is 305-809-3944 or you may email us at cityofkeywestpension@fl-gov.
If I leave the city, how do I get my refund check and how long will it take?
Paperwork will be generated by your department upon your termination date. It is usually takes 4 weeks after your final pay check is issued. You will be given the choice of rolling your money over to another qualified plan without any tax implications, or cashing out paying 20% in federal taxes.
Can I borrow against my pension?
No, there are no loan provisions in the Plan.
How much have I paid into the Pension Plan?
Forms for this request can be found on the website under: COMING SOON.
Is there a death benefit for retirees?
What would happen if a Pension Plan member became disabled?
The employee would be able to file for a Disability Retirement Benefit. The Plan requires that the applicant be totally and permanently disabled from gainful occupation (not just current duties) in accordance with social security guidelines. The employee would then have to apply for a Disability Retirement, which includes completing an Employee Application, Employee.
What happens when an Active Employee dies?
If an active employee dies the employee would be entitled to a death benefit. If the employee were married, his surviving spouse and/ or minor children would be entitled to a benefit.
Results 1-7 of 7